"Amundsen" short story by Alice Munro.

And also because its inctober actually.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

Brushpen on paper.

Men and plants. Consider it a personal topic as well… Sorry Mom and Dad.

I had to illustrate “Men and Plants” for my Illustration project course application. 

This is the first value version of my painting.

I hope you enjoy.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

Illustration, Photoshop CS5 

Final piece of my  psychological pressure illustration series. I will post them all from time to time. 

You know the feeling.

"The elephant in the room" - Stephan Hohenthanner 2014 

fine ballpoint pen on paper, analog fine art.

Stephan Hohenthanner 

Waving dress. Please wear more dresses girls. Do it for me.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

colored pencil and Ballpoint pen on moleskine

Really good friend. Always good times having him around, keeps my head up all the time. Heart of gold.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

MUJI Ballpoint on moleskine.

Thats that again. Gamble people!! Gamble! life is gambling everything is gambling, sometimes I think thinking about everything if its a detail or a generous decision does not make a big difference at all. I somehow like it. No I don’t. Just like gambling.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

Yessir, only straight lines Sir? Ok, Sir! No problem Sir!

Had to do it differently this time. Kinda like the outcome.

MUJI on moleskine.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

Keep me searching for a heart of gold, keep me searching and im growing old.

Stephan Hohenthanner 2014

MUJI ballpoint on moleskine.